Takin’ It to the Streets

So just what is “Renovation Ministries”?

A man bringing truth to the streets by street preaching.  Just the voice of a nobody crying in the wilderness. His name is Jim and he is calling people to repentance and to put their faith in Jesus Christ of the Christian Bible as the only way to salvation. He is also warning of the judgments that could come to America if America doesn’t truly turn from sin and repent.  He travels to different cities, preaching in Spanish and English, and sometimes finds helpers the Lord raises up.  Jim began these sojourns,  as he calls them in 1998 and has done others in 1999, 2000,  and 2013.  Each one has been longer than the previous.

Here is Jim in Albuquerque, N.M on Central Blvd in 2013. You can see the cross he always puts up when he preaches.



Jim goes where the Lord guides and provides. Here, he’s  givin’ ’em heaven in Van Nuys, CA at the intersection of Roscoe and Van Nuys Boulevards.   He has done other street preaching since then in Texas.   In 2016 Jim preached in Albuquerque, Denver, Billings, Mt.; Compton, CA; Phoenix, Tulsa, St. Louis, Springfield, MO; Topeka, KS;  Wichita, KS,  Spring, TX;  Bossier City, LA; Chamblee, GA;  Brookhaven, GA; (the last two in the greater Atlanta area) and as of the March, 2017, Raleigh, NC..

A significant part of my message is about how God could judge America.  Has He ever judged nations?  Yes, Israel and others as we see in the Bible.  And only the Bible has fulfilled prophecy about nations.  When God warns, we need to listen!

He tells people that God is serious about sin, serious about judgment, and serious about forgiveness. He believes Christians will go through the Great Tribulation, a horrible time of world wide judgment explained in both the Old and New Testaments. Much more can be said about that but check out Matthew 24:29 and Mark 13:24, where it says after that tribulation, then the Son of Man (that’s Jesus) returns. But American Christians don’t read their Bibles. So they have made their desire for security override their theology, and so thus believe in a pre-trib Rapture.  The Rapture is discussed in I Thess. 4:17.  It is the worldwide, simultaneous removal of born again Christians from the face of earth,  who are then lifted up into the sky to unite with Jesus and then go on to heaven.  The pre-trib interpretation of the rapture doctrine is also erroneous because it  promotes laziness and disobedience.   Since most Christians believe they could undergo the Rapture at any time, even today,  then they are encouraged to  not  do anything God wants them to do. If you carefully read what the Bible says I think you will come around to a  post-trib Rapture  as correct.

Regardless of what you believe about the Tribulation,  only those who have a true, saving faith in Jesus Christ will have courage and know God will take them to heaven if it was His will they would not survive.  A saving faith means,  among other things,  you have been born again and are living a changed life because of your salvation.   People,  Christianity is far more than just saying you’re a Christian!   If the Tribulation were to start today,  would you be ready — in Jesus Christ?

In his 2013 preaching sojourn, total strangers  came up to Jim in Albuquerque, Phoenix, and Van Nuys, California saying they had had dreams of horrible ways God could judge America.   Folks, God is warning us!    In 2016, people also in St. Louis told me (Jim) about having disturbing dreams.

Come  on  —  are  you  really  saying  God  judges  nations?   Hey,  aren’t  we  a   Christian nation?   He’s not  going  to  judge  America!

My friend,  we’re giving God no choice.   In recent years we have not only exported pornography,  abortion,  and homosexuality to foreign countries,  we now demand that they accept them!    Even if you don’t buy Biblical morality, you’ve seen where porn, gambling, and abortion do harm.  You’ve heard the old saying,  you reap what you sow.   The same principle applies to nations.

When individuals, cities,  and nations disobey God, He always, always warns before He judges.   But we have ignored His repeated warnings. Deut. 28, in the Old Testament,  should be required reading for every American.  This long chapter tells us both in detail how God blesses a nation obeying Him and then how He judges a nation rebelling against Him.   He promises drought, internal violence (mass shootings,  terrorism for example)  confusion (ever notice a growing lack of common sense in America today?), sickness, and increasing foreign domination to Israel for disobedience. Don’t we see that in America today? But we love what He hates, and hate what He loves.  God’s standards apply to all nations.

There are other ways God has been warning us.  Have you noticed Americans are losing their freedoms?   It’s Christian countries that are free and encourage freedom.   But when God leaves a country,  He takes away the freedom that only He gives.  II Corinthians 3:17 says that where the Spirit of the Lord is,  there is liberty.  But when God abandons a nation,  freedom disappears.

Some of you are rightfully concerned about unjust laws and court decisions in recent years.   Again,  that doesn’t happen to countries obeying God.   In the Old Testament book of Ezequiel,  chapter 20, verse 25 — “I also gave them statutes that were not good and ordinances by which they could not live …”   Here’s another way to say it — wicked countries get wicked rulers.  It’s time to be honest people  — America has become a wicked nation!   So don’t complain about how Barack Hussein Obama harmed  America.  HE  DID!  But then he was put in office as part of God’s judgments against us,  now a wicked nation.

So what about you?  More Americans are “prepping” these days.  They’re storing up food, water,  batteries, and more to survive ever bigger catastrophes.   But these things don’t give courage or peace.  And you can’t store them!     But if you have a born again, saving relationship with Christ,  then He is your helper and ally.   Whatever then happens to you,  surviving or not,  you’ll have His peace and then eternal life in heaven.

Are you really sure of where you’ll go after this life? Or do you have doubts? Isn’t it time to clear this up and nail this down? Are you concerned about where this country is going? If all this and more that I’m warning about happens, how will you survive?  You can find out how we begin this new relationship with God,  which comes only through Christ,  by reading the sermon “America is Racing to Its Destruction”  in this website.

God is good in whatever He gives us,  and He has met a need!  Friday, April 21st, 2017 my p.a. system gave out.  It’s the main tool of my ministry,  and the model is no longer manufactured (Carvin is the brand) and Carvin no longer repairs it.  No Raleigh, NC audio repair shop wanted to deal with my p.a. system. So I needed a replacement  and  then I found I needed new tires for my truck, costing an extra $500 or so.   I finance this ministry mostly by a Social Security check and occasional donations from people along the way but something extra was needed.   And in May I received two sizeable donations that paid for the tires and let me buy a smaller but still useful p.a. system.   Thanks, Lord,  and Yay, Jesus!