About Us

Jim holds a Masters Degree in Communications from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.  He has pastored a church and has been active in the pro life movement,  has street preached in about 35 or so cities in the U.S. and Mexico,  and has been active in ministry in other ways.

He has always been single.

Renovation Ministries is Jim along with occasional helpers the Lord may raise up.  So there’s no big board of directors or private jet.  Basically he just drives around to where the Lord tells him to go and preach.  He is a member of a Baptist church in Springfield, Missouri.  He challenges all who count themselves as true Christians to read the Bible through every year,  to obey even when it costs, and to remember that God calls believers to be holy.

God is good in whatever He gives us,  and He has met a need!  Friday, April 21st, my p.a. system gave out.  It’s the main tool of my ministry,  and the model is no longer manufactured (Carvin is the brand) and Carvin no longer repairs it.  No Raleigh, NC audio repair shop wanted to deal with my p.a. system. So I needed a replacement  and  then I found I needed new tires for my truck, costing an extra $500 or so.   I finance this ministry mostly by a Social Security check and occasional donations from people along the way but something extra was needed.   And in May I received two sizeable donations that paid for the tires and let me buy a smaller but still useful p.a. system.   Thanks, Lord,  and Yay, Jesus!