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Jesus said,  “ ... whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never thirst...”  Only what Jesus gives will last and satisfy. Find out by going to the English page and scrolling down on the left for the Article "Where is America Headed?" 
6/25/12 --- America, don't sweat the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar ... expect to be invaded by a foreign army --- Feb. 2012 Obama Re-Election Update -- Obama wants abortion and so-called homosexual marriage.  But he's God's choice for America and he'll be re-elected. ...VINDICATED, 11/2012 ...Find out why.  -- It's time to expel Islam from America, part 1.  Are you serious?  Yep.   --  The Shroud of Turin -- Was Jesus actually buried in it?   Is it really a picture of Jesus?  Scientists have examined it.   What are they saying now?  --   Ufo’s -  what are they? Do they have an agenda?  What does the Bible say about them? -- 
Climate Gate --what's really behind global warming? --  Did you know that in 1975 science was warning us about  global  cooling? --  What could the Bible tell us about this?  You decide.  -- Are they nuts?  They've got 15 kids and expect another?  -- meet the Hopkins family,  who says big families are good!   -- Unemployed and needing to save money?   Check out our Money Saving Tips.  -- For these and other articles, go to the English section above,  and when there scroll down and click on the article you want down at the lower left.  

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Jesus dijo, “más que bebiere del agua que yo le daré, no tendrá sed jamás ...”  Investiga sobre lo que Jesus quiere decir por esto --  NUEVO -- 3 de junio 2010 -- Es Bueno para el Pueblo el Socialismo?  --  Los ovnis -  ¿Qué son?  ¿Qué dice sobre ellos la Biblia? -- 16 de diciembre 2009-   El escándalo del calentamiento del planeta  ... ¡le va a costar! --  9 de marzo 2010 --  El Santo Sudario de Turín --   ¿es un fraude o legítimo?

Klik di sini untuk mengetahui lebih jauh.   Salam, Umat Muslim. 
Suatu hari Yesus bertemu seseorang di sebuah sumur. Dia berkata,”Barangsiapa yang minum air ini, ia akan haus lagi; tetapi barangsiapa minum air yang akan Kuberikan kepadanya, ia tidak akan haus untuk selama-lamanya.” (Yohanes 4:13).   Apakah arti perkataan ini?

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